Rarely do we find new and exquisite taste treats that are so unique that they not only set themselves apart from all the others, but they establish a bench mark of achievement in their own respective field.  It has now been confirmed that Hawaii’s Kona Gold Coffee Liqueur has achieved this excellence.  Robert Plotkin, the President of the National Bar & Restaurant Association, and author of numerous books including the 4th edition of the Bartender’s Companion; The original guide to American Cocktails and Drinks, did a recent study of the most impressive group of liqueurs from around the world.  The Crème de la Crème of the world’s best.  He chose the best from France, Germany, Ireland, Canada, Italy, Hungary, Mexico and Hawaii for the par excellence of Hawaii’s Kona Coffee Liqueur.  Plotkin wrote:  Kona Gold is the only coffee liqueur in the world made from certified 100% coffee beans, and contains no other additives such as chocolate and vanilla.  You will be wowed at the vivacious flavor of the Hawaiian coffee liqueur.  It is definitely worth looking for.  You can sum up the flavor of Kona Gold in just one word; Wow!


In 1976, a German alcoholic publication published a much noticed lecture given by Dr. Rod R. Dvornik on imported liqueurs at the Research Institute for Viniculture, Horticulture Beverage Technology and Regional Cultivation, in Geisenheim.  The lecture was so well received; Dr. Dvornik also gave a similar lecture the following year in Vienna and Hamburg for chemists in the liquor industry.  His standing work has been with some of the largest beverage producers such as Hiram Walker & Sons and Seagram’s distilleries, as well as being Technical Director for other major distilleries in France and Germany.  Born in Triest, Dr. Dvornik studied in Zabreb, Klosterneuberg, Montpellier, Paris, Geisenheim and Freising.  Subsequently, he received his doctorate from the agricultural academy in Hohenheim.  His thorough knowledge pf the production, quality and uniformity covers whiskies, brandy, vodka, gin, cocktails and liqueurs, which includes the most important stages of product development.  Dr. Dvornik came to Hawaii in 1979, for a short vacation, where he met David Fazendin, the owner of Aloha Distillers, Inc.  It was at this time that a concerted effort was made, with Dvornik’s assistance, to develop a Hawaiian coffee liqueur made from the world’s richest coffee beans.  After a year of extensive research, Dr. Dvornik completed his work and presented Aloha Distillers with a formulation using only 100% pure Kona coffee, no other flavoring is added, which makes it the only such coffee liqueur in the world.  The formulation was approved by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for bottling and distribution.  Confirmation of Dvornik’s work came to light when Kona Gold Coffee Liqueur was included in several blind taste tests against the six leading coffee liqueurs in the nation.  Kona Gold won the coveted first choice time and time again.  All the credit goes to the Kona Coffee farmers who worked so long and so hard to nurture these magnificent coffee beans and to Dr. Dvornik who had the expertise to extract the robust flavor from the beans.  Here is a truly “kama’aina” (local) product in which Hawaii can take great pride. 

Beverage Retailer Magazine – May, 1997
Go for the gold…Made from coffee grown on Kona mountain slopes in Hawaii, Kona Gold Coffee Liqueur, a product of Aloha Distillers Inc., is the only 100 percent pure coffee liqueur in the world.  Like French wines, use of the name “Kona” is restricted by law to the coffee grown in this Hawaii region which gives it the winery taste.  It is certified to be made of pure Kona coffee of the highest grade flavor known.
Beverage Management Magazine – Robert Plotkin on August, 2002

The Créme de la Créme
Kona coffee beans grow in only one place, on the slopes of Hawaii’s Mauna Loa and Mauna Kea volcanoes.  Kona is among the most expensive, highly sought after coffees in the world, and it provides the flavor element for Kona Gold Coffee Liqueur by Aloha Distillers of Honolulu.  Unlike other more conventional coffee liqueurs, Kona Gold is made from 100% coffee beans and contains no other flavorings, such as chocolate or vanilla.  We were wowed at how much vivacious coffee flavor is concentrated in every ounce of this All-American liqueur.  There is truly nothing else on the market like Kona Gold Coffee Liqueur.  It’s definitely worth searching for.

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